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5 Widgets to Enrich Your Website

Here I’ll tell you 5 widgets that are so cool, sites like Abduzeedo, WikiHow, etc. have them. Why would you want widgets? You don’t want too many, but a few here and there will do just fine. Widgets will keep your blog/site connected with the rest of the internet, which is play a major role in hits, page views, status, page rank, etc.

  1. The Meebo Bar is one of the most popular widgets I’ve seen. I’ve found it on Abduzeedo and Wikihow, major sites that have thousands of unique visitors per week (or day, I’ve never checked). Here’s what one of these famed bars look like:


    The famed Meebo Bar

  2. The Facebook share button. This is a must for your blog or website. You’ll have your audience see just how many people like whatever you post or write, how many like your game, product, video, music, or whatever you post.
  3. Some sort of widget to display your tweet. First of all, you should get a twitter account (no duh). Then, just start tweeting!! Sooner or later, you’ll do once everytime you’re on the computer!! Something like this can be gained from: (twitter site).
  4. Digg widget. This is a MUST!! For this, just post an embed code that you can find on
  5. A widget. This is something like a Digg digs sort-of thing, only it’s called Flattr. For wordpress: For everything else: I don’t know.

These widgets are sure to enhance your traffic, hits, etc. and get you’re blog’s name out there. On top of that, it’ll get visitors who might want to chat on the Meebo bar, etc.