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5 Great Photoshop Text Tutorials

Creating a Light Bulb Text Effect – This tutorial is a very detailed tutorial that can teach a lot and also give you a great text effect.

This is the final image from the tutorial

Create a Royal Gold Text Effect with Layer Styles – This is another great tutorial from PSD Tuts that teaches both the use of the layer styles and gives you a great looking outcome.

This is the final outcome

Wrath of the Titans Style Text Effect

Final Outcome Image

Wax Seal Logo

Easy Wax Seal in Illustrator

Create a Zee Vintage Label on Illustrator – Sorry for not staying on Photoshop, but I couldn’t resist ignoring this one.

Final Outcome


Hand Picked Fonts For Design

1. Null

2. Bebas

3. Olney
Olney (light)

4. RNS Camelia

RNS Camelia


Type rendering on the web (via The Typekit Blog)

Type rendering on the web Back when web fonts were in their infancy, I asked typophiles to help me understand why fonts look the way they do in web browsers. A year and a half later, with their help, advice from a few expert type technicians, and lots of research here at Typekit, we're starting to fully understand type rendering on the web. The translation of a font's outlines into pixellated text of varying quality, consistency, and sharpness is not straightforward. It i … Read More

via The Typekit Blog