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Trends in Links: A Few Ways to Improve Your Links

Links are an important way to link your blog to the outside world. It’s like the cell phone you use to txt and keep contact with the rest of the world. Now, when you make a website, you’ll want to customize your links, so that you have links that look like they were made for your site. And, in truth, they will be made for your site.

Links are a basic thing, that’s function is to whisk away visitors to another site or another portion of your website. How the links look are an important aspect in webdesign. The best thing to do is a basic link styled in CSS, but that’s not always the case here. Sometimes, websites need a little bit more, maybe a touch of Javascript. This can be easily achieved. Some people have plugins to do this., this article really helps. It was written by a dude called David Walsh., demo of the previous link.

The same person also wrote an article on how to do the same with MooTools, which he actually wrote first. (link to the MooTools link nudging).

Of course, for those of you who want a fading link, just to fade from one color to another, you can visit this link:

The same code can be translated into jQuery easily, but you can just stick with MooTools.

“Just because you have code, doesn’t mean you should use it.”

The quote is especially true here. If you design a really snazzy link with jQuery or MooTools, you might as well run a link showcase instead of a website (no joke intended). If you just keep on adding functions, then you probably have too much. Knowing when to stop adding is a necessary skill in design, some people just cram so much into a website, something I strongly discourage. If you run a minimalist design, then fading links with no underline may be the way to go. Fading links work well in Minimalism because it looks elegant when everything else is black and white. If you want a website that looks full, fading doesn’t really work well, just use basic CSS so it doesn’t look like too much.


5 Really Awe Inspiring Javascript Projects

1. The Wilderness Downtown ( You wouldn’t want to miss this HTML 5 experiment for anything!! Just spend a few minutes and take a trip down memory lane.


The Wilderness Downtown

2. Google Gravity ( You could play this as a prank and tell others that you hacked Google or something.


Google Gravity project (Mr. Doob)

3. Ball Dropping Chrome Experiment.

Ball Dropping Chrome Experiment

4. Keylight Experiment (


Keylight Experiment

5. Water Type (

Water Text