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Shortened Domain Name

I realized that the domain “” is much too long for people who don’t fully use the power of bookmarks….and for all other regular people with small, average, minds. I’d love the domain “”, but for now that’s a dream, because I’m 12 and I have other things to worry about than spending 10 bucks a month on a domain name for a website no one cares about (think of it: I need to worry about grades, homework, etc., so compared to that, this blog is less than a hobby). Anyways, I got a free domain at Dot.TK. It’s like the domain of some country (one that obviously is so desperate for attention that it’s handing out free domains). The new domain for this site:

I won’t change the header image soon, I’ll think of a new cooler one, rather than editing the current. Thanks for reading. Happy designing.