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Really Pro Illustrator and Photoshop Tutorials (re-blogged)

I realized that I don’t keep up with the times at all, and have been unable to post anything since April. So, I will go back on existing posts at least once a month and will try to post 2-4 articles each month.

1., creating a Dynamic 3D Puzzle Effect in Adobe Illustrator.

Preview, from Vector Tuts+

2., creating a really cool vector Flesh ripping zombie type treatment.

Preview, from Vector Tuts+

3., adding depth to images using lens blur in Photoshop.


4., creating a really cool Sci-Fi Computer game poster in Photoshop)



5 Great Photoshop Text Tutorials

Creating a Light Bulb Text Effect – This tutorial is a very detailed tutorial that can teach a lot and also give you a great text effect.

This is the final image from the tutorial

Create a Royal Gold Text Effect with Layer Styles – This is another great tutorial from PSD Tuts that teaches both the use of the layer styles and gives you a great looking outcome.

This is the final outcome

Wrath of the Titans Style Text Effect

Final Outcome Image

Wax Seal Logo

Easy Wax Seal in Illustrator

Create a Zee Vintage Label on Illustrator – Sorry for not staying on Photoshop, but I couldn’t resist ignoring this one.

Final Outcome

Top 3 Best Vector Tutorials…found in January

1., From Sketch to Vector Illustration.



2., Hairy Man.



3., combining textures with Vectors.



How to Change a Face in Photoshop

Have you ever lied to your friends, saying you did something totally awesome? They probably wouldn’t believe you unless you had some sort of evidence, like a picture, right? Well, here is a way to get that picture, even if you never even came close to doing anything like the thing you said you did.

  • Software: Photoshop Elements 4.0
  • Time: Around an hour

So, the first step is to find the picture you want to photoshop yourself into. Make sure you can see most of the face on the person you want to “become”. I’m going to use this one:

Picture by Tony Dowson,

Once you choose your image you need to find a picture of you to place in that image. You want it to seem realistic, so instead of choosing a picture where you look serious, choose one where you look excited. If you need to, take a new picture of yourself with a webcam/camera. I’ll go with this one:

Picture by Graur Codrin,

Now open both pictures up in Photoshop.

The first real step is to select your head and hair. Use a lasso tool (I used polygonal) and just  lasso around your head, like this:

It’s okay if you cut a little bit of yourself off or get some of the background in.

After you are done selecting, change your tool to the Move Tool. Then drag your face into the thumbnail of the other image.

Your oversized head should now be in the center of the “awesome” pic.

To change the size of your head, go to Image->Transform->Free transform. Then, drag the corners until your head is the correct size.

While still in Free Transform mode, move your mouse to the outside of your face. The cursor should change into a curvy line. Click and drag, and your face should rotate. Rotate it to the correct angle, and then drag it over the orignal face.

The lighting of your face most-likely doesn’t match the lighting of the background image. To fix this, go to Enhance->Adjust Color->Adjust Color for Skin Tone. Then click on part of your skin. Photoshop will try to adjust automatically, but it doesn’t always work very well, so just use the sliders to make adjustments.

Now, your project should be pretty much done. Just make a few adjustments here and there if needed, and then save your work. Congratulations! You are now an expert Jet Skier!

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Awesome Retro Vector Tutorials

1. – Stylish Retro Gameboy poster

Retro Colorization


2. – Really tight retro rainbow curves

Retro Curves


3. – Abstract retro wallpaper.



4. – a really cool retro strip design. (In case  you get confused: this website has pages for the tutorial on the bottom).

5. – a really cool retro poster in photoshop.




7 Great Blender Tutorials





Video Tutorial:


Video Tutorial:


Video Tutorial


The Best Illustrator Tutorials (just because they don’t make crappy ones)

1. How to Make Vector Silhouettes


2. Creating a Custom Text Box


3. Use Warped Type to Make a Sports T-Shirt


4. Abduzeedo 2010 Logo Design


5. Rad Illustrator Pattern


6. Airplane Time Table Type Effect