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I know that as a designer, most people will use their computer as an administrator. Well, I’ve learned many ways to install a font. These ways can be from using sophisticated lines in the command prompt to other stuff that will take one heck of a time. So, in order to avoid that, I’ve made an easy-to-use (or at least that’s what it was meant to be) tutorial that shows (with screenshots) exactly how to install a font without admin rights (though I don’t know why you’d want to do that). You’ll need one line of CMD (command prompt) code (I don’t know what it’s called), it’s gonna look like this:


Click to enlarge

Of course, Microsoft didn’t just program CMD to do this by default. You need a program called RegisterFont. Download it here:

It’s in a “.exe” file. Do not open the file…just kidding, nothing happens when you open the file, so don’t even bother. It’s not supposed to work like that. First, before we can install a font (with CMD), I’m going to show you where to put it.

Notice the address (circled badly in red) in CMD:


Click to Enlarge.

Put registerfont.exe there. That’s also where you’ll place all the fonts you want installed.

In CMD, type in:

registerfont add your-font-name.ttf

…Then click enter. Replace “your-font-name.ttf” with your font name and abbreviation. Your font will be in the same file as the RegisterFont.exe file.


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