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3 Twitter Icons

In this post, I’ll link to (and provide screenshots) of cool Twitter icons that I found. The idea hit me today. Every good blogger/website designer should have a neat and unique Twitter icon to go with the theme of their website. And finally, I know that only 3 twitter icons is a really low number (and other posts that I saw had 100+), but I’m just getting used to the webdesign blog.

1. At first, when I thought of this post, I found a twitter Icon on ““. The website itself didn’t appeal to me much, but the twitter icon did. It seemed like a great idea to make a bird poke through the wall saying, “Follow me on twitter!!”


Core PHP's neat Twitter Icon

2. Here’s an icon set that is like no other. Though the icon set doesn’t look related at all, something that really spoils it, each individual icon is looking great! This icon may be a bit too large on the top, so if you’re going to use this set, remember that an over sized footer is a trend.

twitter social icons 100+ Remarkably Beautiful Twitter Icons And Buttons

A cool twitter icon from a set of six remarkable buttons.

3. This comes from another remarkable set, this time from a set of only twitter icons!! It’s called “TwitterFun.” I chose what I thought was the best one from the pack, the one with a bird upon a blimp. Fun, huh?

Another neat Twitter Icon set. Buy vector file or free PNG file.


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