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Suppose that you’ve been searching the web for a way to create a WordPress template…but all you come across are thousands of lines of code and this strange thing called PHP. What could it mean? Painfully Hard Programming. I’m just joking, but still, even though PHP isn’t as hard as C++ (here’s an example: <?php echo “this is php” ?>, you’d have to indent and everything anyhow), it’s not a 1+1 concept. Wait!! You just heard that your client wants it done tomorrow! So, should you fess up and tell him/her that you don’t know how to make a WordPress theme (and maybe lose a $1,000)? No, you should read the rest of this post (hardest part).

I’ve just found it. Today. About 5 minutes ago. The greatest thing to come across me since the Galleria JavaScript image gallery ( They call it “Divine” (the name). It’s located at:

If you have Photoshop (bought or pirated, whatever) CS2 and above, you need this plugin. I happen to have CS3, relatively old compared to the new features in CS5, and I love this thing (in 5 minutes I can get so attached to a plug-in, it must be worth it). If you really want that $1,000 that your client will give you, get this plug-in.


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