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There are a lot of different views on what the simple, but yet very sophisticated, word “Minimalism” actually means. This is an opinion. For the complete no-brainer, they’d come to this website (I wish) to learn the actual meaning. First of all, this is totally in my opinion. Now, this idea of a Minimalism technique sprang to life after seeing one (1) blog: “” This blog really made me wonder “Is the page fully loaded yet?”

…that is where the idea comes from. Minimalism is, in my complete opinion, successful and effective if the audience thinks twice. “Is this page fully loaded, yet?” If you don’t think that it’s fully loaded, chances are, the audience won’t. For that reason, you’d need to ask someone to view, hopefully before it’s published, it and ask them if they think it’s fully loaded. If they reply no (and hopefully cast you a weird glance that speaks for itself), then you’re successful. If my idea will ever work for me, IDK.


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