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Best Fonts Ever!



I know we all have been wandering the mighty web in search of the worlds “best” fonts. I have come to a stop, finding the fonts that should be regarded as the works of art that no man (no matter how noble of a designer thy art) can speak against. I have not presented download links for some most are commercial, but the images take you to the place where I got the image. You may search them up online if you want (*HINT* most are on

1. I know this is just a version of Gill Sans, but I think this is the best one in the pack. This is worth the money, buy it!


Gill Sans Light Shadowed

2. GoodDog is one of the rare fonts that come at this breakthrough quality. It is available for free @ Fontsquirrel.


Good Dog

3. Grilled Chese is a great font. It’s one of the best comic fonts (apart from GoodDog).


Grilled Chese

4. It’s a shame if you don’t know this one (unless you’re new to this stuff), but Lucida Grande has made it into the use of WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and other major services.

Lucida Grande

5. When I first found that I could actually spell this font right in my stylesheets, I figured this was more than an imatation of Arial.


7. You should consider yourself lucky, you’re getting this very beautiful, light font for free!

Juice free font

Those are the seven fonts that I am sharing today. If you have an eye for one of the fonts in the demonstration image, please e-mail me at Don’t spam.


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