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You must have went through the internet twice, checking the millionth pages of Google, for a good quality vector tutorial. I checked four times. Now, I will share the tutorials that are the coolest.

1. – The stitch effect in vector.


Stitched text Effect with Illustrator

2. – The sketchy look, without a font.


Turning any font into a sketchy font

3. – An intro to tracing/inking your sketches in Illustrator.


Character illustration in Illustrator

4. – Google Phone styled background. Believe me, it’s easier than it seems.


Google phone wallpaper

5. – A very cool steel wristwatch tutorial. Using Corel Draw, but you can probably convert the steps into Illustrator or Inkscape vocabulary if you’re an experienced user.


The steel wristwatch illustration

6. – Since I haven’t featured many Inkscape or free software tutorials in this post, here is one. This is a pretty good icon tutorial.


Grunge RSS box

7. – the star-burst background explained.


Star-burst background

8. – Retro art has always pleased me, so I posted this tutorial by Abduzeedo in this post also.

Retro Geometric Vectors

9. – Zombie illustration that popped into my eyes.

Zombie Illustration

10. – I know that this isn’t vector, but it was very cool. You will regret if you don’t click on the link, O’ fellow designer.

Melting Girl in Photoshop

If you found any neat tutorials that you want the Crappy Designer (me) to publish in my blog, please feel free to e-mail me @

Twitter: @showboy1080.

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