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Web Design Trends

Everyone knows that trends are what keeps things alive. Don’t try to make a new trend, unless you are well known. So, here are things that are common, and thus ‘trendy.’ Here are two trends that you should put on your site:

  1. Embossing letters. Here is an excerpt from the Apple menu:

    Apple menu

    The Apple menu.

  2. OK, now there is the matter of transparencies. The new trend: Transparent P.N.G’s! Here is a website:

    This is a speech bubble.

    Of course there is an error with IE. You need the ‘AlphaImageLoader.’ Here is an example: 

  3. <html>
    <body bgColor="blue">
    <!-- This DIV is the target container for the image.  -->
    <DIV ID="oDiv" STYLE="position:absolute; left:140px; height:400; width:400;
         src='image.png', sizingMethod='scale');" >

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